Lego sets getting Medieval again

by James

Lego Pirate/Troll ship

Or should I say fantastic. Lego has a new Lego set for 2008 that incorporates the fantasy meme with a Lego Troll Warship. The twin-masted warship comes with 6 troll warriors, knight and dwarf minifigures, a 3″ tall giant troll, armored dragon that is 13″ long with a 13″ wingspan, and tons of accessories.
The ship comes complete with crimson red sails to intimidate your opponents on the high seas, long boats for those adventurous reconnaissance trips for buried treasure and also a brigg (prison) on the ship with removable door that really opens!

Ship’s canon actually fire and rotate 360 degrees, there’s a net and winch for rescuing those keelhauled on the high seas, and even a fun giant troll drum to force prisoners to row from the bowls of the ship.

The Troll Warship measures 20″ (51cm) long, 13″(33cm) high and 5″ (13cm) wide. Cost is around $80 USD.

Hat Tip – The Brother Brick

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