Iron Man rocket is a fun movie toy

by James

iron man rocket

We all know that the secret to Iron Man’s prowess is his suit. It’s also what allows him to fly just about everywhere. So it only makes since to make a toy which allows kids to celebrate Tony Stark’s aviated capabilities and this air launch rocket does it in style. But it also introduces kids to a new passion … model rocketry.

Using the included air foot pump, Iron Man can reach a maximum altitude of about twenty-five to forty feet before Iron Man detached from the launch cradle and glides back to earth in an apparent twisting and turning fashion. And although this toy can be chocked up to a typical toy-movie marketing blitz, it also provides kids with an entry into the exciting world of model rocketry, where kids can go from compressed air launched rockets, to water launched missiles, to even solid rocket launched model rockets. And from there? Well, suffice it to say that the rocket scientists from NASA got started this way.

Cost is about $58 US from Littlewoods.

Hat Tip – Toyology

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