Line of 2009 Legos leaked

by James

Lego Indy 09

The Brother’s Brick have gotten their hands on a few pictures of upcoming LEGO sets to be released for 2009. The sets include new Star Wars and Indiana Jones collections, but also a pirate ship and a huge farming columbine sets.

The Indiana Jones collection will add adventure sets including the Chase through Shanghai as depicted in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The set will include minifigs of Indy, Willie Scott, Short Round and two of Lau Che’s henchmen. It’ll also have two vehicles including a fancy convertible that Short Round drives to rescue Indy. Even better though is the Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc Flying Wing set which recreates the climatic fist fight Indy has with a German twice his size around a rotating flying wing by Marion is trapped inside. The set promises to include Indy, Marion, and the big bully German dude. The kit also includes the Flying Wing and gas truck. Blood splatter not included. Adding to the Lego Clone Wars collection promises to be a Droid Tank set complete with Super Battle Droids, Yoda, and Clone troops. It also includes a droid tank in blue and white. Other Clone Wars sets to include Clone Walker Battle Pack, Assassin Droid battle packs and more.

Lego Pirate

Outside of the movie tie in, Lego is releasing a down on the farm series which features a huge Green columbine for harvesting wheat. Also, a pirate ship complete with pirates, damnsel in distress and great white shark. Other sets include race cars and more farming equipment.

No word on pricing just yet as the sets may change between now and then. But we at least get a glimpse of what’s going on at Lego in advance of releasing them.

Hat Tip – Brothers Brick.

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Coolest Toys » Blog Archive » Lego Officially Announces 2009 line-up Says: September 1, 2008 at 2:02 pm

[...] Not long ago, we reported on the leak of the 2009 Lego line-up. Well, it’s now official and there’s a lot of familiar territory in this line-up of Lego toys, but this year we can expect to see a new face in Lego Power Miners. Power Miners is a collection of a team of miners that dig into the Earth’s crust and encounter beings that are half-rock/half-crystal and looks to be very cool and imaginative. The Power Miners collection features vehicles, mini-figures and monsters. And there’s more … [...]

Lincott Says: January 15, 2009 at 6:24 pm

The indy lego is GREEN, You got retarded pictures

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