Lego Games are not just for movies anymore …

by James

Lego Pirates

Lego video games based on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman have all been best sellers. A Harry Potter Lego game is in the works as well. But according to The Brothers Brick, it’s looking like Lego video games aren’t just for movies anymore as an original game for Nintendo DS based on the new Lego Pirates, and Lego Castle lines is about to be released.


The game, which is dubbed the Lego Battles and encourages users to enjoy “build and battle” gameplay, will feature Lego Pirates and Lego Castle as part of its 70 level, six storyline game arc. Users can also mix and match at any level to add to the fun as knights in shining armor team up with scurvy pirates to wage Lego war for studs and glory. There will also be space battles, wizards and aliens; dragons, battling ninjas and much more. And with the DS Wireless multiplayer mode, players can chivalrously challenge friends to the ultimate in Lego conflict.

Obviously, Lego and TT Games aren’t altogether certain a huge cross platform roll-out of original Lego game properties will be a hit with fans, but the time is ripe as fans of those movies may find they are just as much fans of the Lego video concept as they are of the properties they’re based on. And if that’s the case, we’re sure to see more of this kind of fun, not less.

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