Mini Golf Course turns your backyard into a fun palace

by James

Par 3 Mini Course

Nothing is more fun on a Sunday afternoon than taking the family to the local miniature golf course for a round of put-put and a few video games. And it’s always fun to take a date on a Friday night to put around and wrap your arms around her to show her how to hit the ball around those crazy, themed obstacles and into the hole. And admit it, if you could build your own back yard course, you would. And now, with this kit, you can.

Par 3 Mini Course 3

The Par 3 Mini Golf Course offers 21 pieces – everything you need to get started on your own mini put put. Pieces include 3 straight courseways, 3 curved courseways, 3 unique greens, 3 flags, 3 obstacles (clown, spinner, & windmill), 2 putters, 2 golf balls, 1 starting plate and 1 tunnel.

All the pieces are easy to snap together and can be rearranged to create a wide variety of fairways and hole setups. And with unique, slanted greens, there’s an added degree of difficulty. The Par 3 Mini Golf Course can be built indoors or out, and is ideal for ages 2 and up. And for around $45, you can’t beat the price.

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