Inflatable Star Wars toys from a swimming pool far far away

by James


For winter time, enterprising snow toy makers created a really cool XWing fighter snow sled which we reported on a few months back. Well someone got the idea and have now created a line of pool toys based on the epic scifi movie just in time for summer fun. Jakks Pacific gets the honor and our undying devotion for these inflatable pool toys designed to look like the XWing fighter complete with water guns to attack the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, and a floating R2D2 inflatible drink server complete with cup holders. (Galactic Beer Pong anyone?)

There’s also a Death Star beach ball, which, as points out, is the first beach ball based on the “that’s no moon it’s a space station” in 31 years! That’s right, it took three decades and six movies for someone to think … hey, let’s make a beach ball out of it!

Unfortunately, the floating XWing fighter doesn’t have an inflatable Tie fighter to dog fight with, but it’ll still be ton of fun to float on and fire the water gun built into it.

The Star Wars inflatable toys will be available at Target and Walmart in the US and Canada comes summer season, but unfortunately R2BeerPong wont’ be out until next summer.

Hat Tip – Oh Gizmo

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