Toys R Us Gets exclusive Iron Man MiniMates

by James

Iron Man 2 MiniMates are exclusive to Toys R Us

Iron Man 2 MiniMates are exclusive to Toys R Us

Although I’m not a big fan of Diamond Select’s MiniMates, I understand their allure to both toy and movie fans alike. MiniMates are blocky minifigures which usually are based on movie and television properties. And Toys R Us is no stranger to having exclusive availability of them. They’ve had Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Marvel Heroes, and the latest to join the team are these MiniMates for Iron Man 2.

This wave of Iron Man 2 MiniMates is actually the second wave and includes sets for the following:

- Lt. Colonel James Rhodes & Air Assault Drone
- Mark IV Iron Man & Whiplash
- Mark V Iron Man & War Machine
- Mark VI Iron Man & Ground Assault Drone

The MiniMates toys are available exclusively at Toys R Us and cost about $7.00 a set. Ages 6 and up.

Hat Tip – Marvelous News

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