Disney’s Epic Mickey is … well, EPIC!

by James

Disney's new epic video game features the return of Mickey

Disney's new epic video game features the return of Mickey

Walt Disney was always fond of saying that not matter what, we should all remember that it all started with a Mouse. Well, Disney’s latest juggernaut goes back to the Mouse with their release of the latest video game for the Wii … EPIC MICKEY. And it’s just that.

The game, features Mickey playing for keeps as he works his way through the pen and paper world created by his sorcerer master YenSid. But when Mickey spills the paint and thinner, he creates the evil Shadow Blot which takes control and transforms YenSid’s picturesque world into a terrible Wasteland. And it’s up to Mickey to set things right by any means necessary.

As he makes his way through the wasteland, Mickey uses brush and ink to transform it and also to track down Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who has been captured by the Shadow Blot. And when users have the custom inkbrush Wii controller, the experience gives more of the essence.

The Epic Mickey Paintbrush Wii controller ...

The Epic Mickey Paintbrush Wii controller ...

Epic Mickey is available for around $50, with the Brush controller costing about $40 and a separate charger for another $50. Leave it to Mickey to nickle and dime us to death so we can enjoy playing in his world.

Hat Tip – Chip Chick

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