Lego Collectible Minifigs Volume 4

by James

Wave IV of the collectible minifig set and available in random packaging

Wave IV of the collectible minifig set and available in random packaging

The exclusive line of collectible Lego MiniFigs continues with Volume IV. A random selection of 16 exclusive minifigures that are under $5. It really is insidious. Create a super cool line of collectible minfigs and place them in unmarked random packaging and charge five bucks for the surprise (this is where eBay comes in handy). But the question is, which one will you get?

Volume 4 is reported to contain the following: Artist, Garden Gnome, Hockey Player, Kimono Girl, Mad Scientist, Monster, Musketeer, Quarantine Man, Rock Star, Sailor, Skateboarder, Soccer Player, Speed Skater, Surfer Girl, Viking, and Werewolf,

If you’ve come late to the party, here’s what you’ve missed:

Volume 1: Demolition Dummy, Forestman, Cowboy, Super Wrestler, Zombie, Ninja, Cheerleader, Skater, Tribal Hunter, Circus Clown, Magician, Deep Sea Diver, Robot, Nurse, Caveman and Spaceman.

Volume 2: Pharaoh, Explorer, Karate Master, Maraca Man, Mime, Pop Star, Ringmaster, Skier, Surfer, Traffic Cop, Vampire, Weightlifter, Witch, Lifeguard, Disco Dude and Spartan Warrior.

Volume 3 is currently available and includes: Summo Guy, Alien with Raygun, Mummy with Scorpion, Octan Team Race Car Driver, Mountaineer Guy, Samurai Guy, Man in Ape Suit with Banana, Baseball Player with Bat, Tennis Lady, Native American Chief, Elfin Bowman, Terminator Space Guy, Rapper, Snowboard Chick, Hula Girl, and Fisherman.

Each unmarked minifigure package contains one Lego minifigure, display stand, custom accessory and collection leaflet.

And just remember, random means RANDOM. Each package gives the buyer a 1 in 16 chance of getting any figure in the collection and opening 16 packages (that’s about $80) will NOT guarantee you get them all.

Available April, 2011 for a limited time only. Ages 5 and up.

Hat Tip – Toy Wizard

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