Full Size Han Solo in Carbonite

by James

OK, strictly speaking, this isn’t a toy. But come on, who DOESN’T secretly want one of these hanging on their living room walls, Jabba-style?

The life size Han-cicle is made by SideShow Collectibles and will probably be on display at ComiCon exclusively this week with pre-orders being taken after the Con. Sadly, there’s no real details, but you have to bet it’s going to be made of foam and fiberglass and won’t be cheap. We’re hoping it also has all the electronics that are embedded in the side making lights blink just for that added touch.

If you’ve got money to burn after investing and getting out of the real estate market before the bubble burst, SideShow suggests users sign up for their Newsletter. As incentive, they are offering a $10 coupon for your first purchase, with priority pre-order benefits and monthly collectible giveaways to newsletter members. Additionally, members receive exclusive discounts from 10-50%, low quantity alerts, and second chances on popular collectibles that have been sold out.

Just head over to his link to sign up. It’s free. Even if you can’t swing Han in Carbonite, the newsletter is a good idea just because it’ll keep you up to date on the other cool toys they’re selling.

Hat Tip – Rebel Scum

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