GI Joe 30th Anniversary Sky Striker seen in the wild

by James

Although it wasn’t expected to be released until later this month, someone over at Atomic Martians has found the 30th Anniversary Sky Striker toy jet over at Target.

The 30th Anniversary Sky Striker is based on the Grumman Navy F14, America’s premiere Naval Air Superiority Fighter for 30 years until the turn of the century. It’s sleek, has dual Pratt and Whitney Engines with a 1:1 thrust ratio, meaning it can go straight up and show no signs of stalling until the engines starve for oxygen. It’s also equipped with AIM9 Sidewinder Missles.

The Sky Stryker runs about $35 and if you’re heading out to Target to get it, and it’s not on the store shelves, ask someone to go in back, and look for the DPCI 087 06 1686.

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