Jakks Pacific chosen for main toy maker for Men in Black 3

by James

Men in Black 3, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, James Brolin and Emma Thompson, will be coming out next summer, and Jakks Pacific has been chosen to make the main toy line. The license will cover manufacture, distribution, and marketing of toys and products to be launched next spring.

In addition to the third movie in the Men in Black series, the toy license will also cover releasing toys from the first two previous Men in Black films. Toys will include action figures, accessories, play sets, role play, youth electronics, novelties, games and puzzles, Halloween costumes, and more.

Men in Black 3 will take advantage of it’s name and the current fad of overpriced 3D conversion that Hollywood is obsessed with these days. The film will open on May 25 (affectionately known as “Star Wars Day”) and is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, written by Ethan Cohen, and is based on the by Lowell Cunningham. It is executive produced by Steven Spielberg (who seems to have his hands in just about anything related to UFOs).

Here’s hoping they come out with a sweet line of MIB gun products because they’re some crazy ones out there including the tiny Cricket and the BFG.

Hat Tip – Toy Book

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