Making your own action figure

by James

Action Figure Insider has an interesting series of articles that outlines the process and sources for creating your own custom action figure. In Part I, the writer talks about pitching an action figure idea to a toy manufacturer, while avoiding copyrighted properties, and then raising money to cover development and production. But that isn’t all …

“No one is going to be as passionate or care as much about your creation as you do”

There are also custom sites out there that will custom make action figures, bobble heads, and a host of other toys and even on an on demand basis. They aren’t cheap but they’re there.

Next comes Part II, which offers one main them – PROMOTE YOUR TOY! Create a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and create a following. Showcase your designs and get feedback. Use it for market research. And then start making your toys. It’s an interesting series that has some great ideas for developing your own toy designs and offers outlets for how to create them.

But in the end, it’s import to understand that a journey like that isn’t cheap. But it’ll definitely be an adventure in toy making!

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