Toys that teach about money …

by James

Toy Book has a nifty list of toys that are designed to teach kids about using money, and from a very young age. We think this is a great idea as economics seems to be a blind spot in our educational system and with less savings and more debt wracking the US Economy, teaching kids from the youngest age possible about how to use money properly is a great idea. And let’s face it, often the longest lasting lessons a child learns are through playing.

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The first is the Fisher-Price Fun 2 Imagine Cash Register. Teaches children to count and handle cash transactions through pay and comes with brightly colored and sortable coins. It also makes some cool noises that would make a slot machine giggle. (From ages 2 -4)

Next comes a pair of savings banks that are self counting. The first is a cute, pink Digital Coin Counting Piggy Bank which allows them to always keep track of how much they’ve got saved at a glance. The concept is, if a child knows exactly how much they have in the bank, they are more likely to save to achieve the savings goals they want to reach. The other is the Zillionaire Personal Saving Machine which has a programmable allowance reminder (as if a child needs to be reminded to hound mom and dad for their allowance) and a calculator. The bank can also be set up with multiple accounts for several children and even adults to save with. It also works like an actual bank account at home. Both are ages 5 and up.

Finally, there’s the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Checkbook with Calculator, which teaches kids to balance a checkbook and keep track of spending. It includes 25 actual size “pretend” checks, deposit slips, and calculator.

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