Game Changer turns your iPad into a board game

by James

It never fails to impress me how powerful and adaptable the iPad really is. And here is yet another example called the Game Changer, which is bound to change the face of board games, and family fun night, as we know it.

This accessory turns your iPad into a board game. Game Changer, made by Identity Games, is an app that provides game play with animation and sounds, taking the traditional family experience and turning it up to 11. Users pick up the Game Changer Cradle, which comes complete with additional game pieces, and slide their iPad into it. Download the app for free and let the games begin.

Each game comes with a custom skin to add to the surroundings and players merely place it on top. The Game Changer isn’t only for the iPad2 either as it will work with 1st Gen iPads as well (not to mention that upcoming iPad 3, we bet, which will come out sometime between the Holidays and March depending on the rumor you choose to believe).

And the name Game Changer couldn’t be more telling – this could really change the future of Board Games. From role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons to Battleship and everything in between, the power of the iPad can really update the gaming experience with live action, video, animation and sound. All it needs is for a big name like Hasbro or Milton Bradley to swallow it up.

And we’re betting it’s certain to be a big hit when it debuts in November for $79.99, with more games coming online in February.

Hat Tip – Chip Chick

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