Mattel collector club subscriptions reopened to 2012

by James

Mattel has opened to reopen subscriptions for 2012 toy collections of four different toy lines. The lines include DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Classics Club Eternia®, MOTU 30th Anniversary Series and Voltron®: Club Lion Force. Additionally, they’re also offering a subscription to the upcoming 30th anniversary series for Masters of the Universe®. What does this mean?

The subscriptions, which are about $30 annually, allow toy fans of these lines to purchase toys that aren’t available in stores. They are the ultimate exclusives. For DC Universe, for example, subscribers will be able to purchase true collector 6″ character figures including Poison Ivy, Atrocitus, The Flash 1 and Starman. Also available will be a fan voted oversized figure of Metron with his Mobius Chair. In MOTUC Club Eternia, subscription price $20, fans will have access to long-awaited figures like Sorceress®, Fisto™ and Kobra Kahn. as well as Filmation character Shadow Weaver and a bonus map poster of Preternia.

Voltron will offer for $15 subscription and price of figures the five Lions (black, green, yellow, blue, red) that form Voltron plus five Pilots in 3 ¾” scale (Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, Lance). With all five Lions, an enormous 23″ tall Voltron figure can be built. Also, collect all pilots and receive pieces that create the Voltron Collect and Connect® Ultra Blazing Sword. Note that pilots and lions will come in sets of two.

All told, the subscriptions will require an annual commitment of over $200 with subscription and action figure purchases. But if you’re hard core for these particular Mattel toys, there’s no better way to get the hard ones. Offer ends October 3rd.

Hat Tip – AFI

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