Cabbage Patch Kids return

by James

When I was in high school, Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage. Toy stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves and newscasts would do stories on people desparately trying to find them. Course, this was in the heady days before eBay, so it was always a challenge. The great irony was that they weren’t selling well at all in the United Kingdom and my friends and I came “this close” to convincing our parents to let us fly over there and buy all the dolls we could carry back. We could’ve made a mint. Then, as with every fad, Cabbage Patch Dolls fell off the radar of a fickle populace and went into obscurity. Now, they’re back!

Jakks Pacific, Inc., in association with Original Appalachian Artworks Inc., have announced the Connecting Generations for their Fashionality line of new Cabbage Patch Kids. There’s a new multi-cultural selection of toys and, like the original, kids can “adopt” their favorite and even create their own Cabbage Patch family tree. Each kid stands 14 inches tall with silky hair and one of 12 different personalities including “prepsters,” “skateboarders,” “girly girls,” and “artsy” types. In addition to their adoption papers, each Cabbage Patch Dolls have a unique and birth certificate. And with each purchase comes a download code for a Cabbage Patch Kids Video called “The New Kid.” Cost is $34.99, ages 3 and up.

Hat Tip – The Toy Book

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