LEGO Series 7 Collectibles leaked

by James

Back in August, we showed images of leaked Series 6 Collectible minifigs and now we have a shot of Series 7. Let’s take a look:

Looks like Series 7 is continuing the mythical theme with several cool looking offers including a Viking Lady (Wagner would be proud), what looks like Tarzan & Cheetah, Little Red Riding Hood, a menacing Aztec warrior, the Greek god Poseidon (or, Neptune if you prefer the Roman Pantheon), and even a magical necromancer. Every day minifigs include a nerd/geek, blushing bride, Scottish bagpipe musician, guy in a bunny suit, groovy hippie/flower child, glam rock guitarist, and a cop or military man from the future. Sports related minis include an extreme stunts guy who looks a lot like Evil Knievil, and Olympic swimmer.

These aren’t the official names, mind you, just what we’re calling them until we get more accurate descriptions based on this one image. But it looks like a fantastic collection. We also have more details on Series 6 minifigs, including what looks like The Shadow (which would be royally cool), a fun old school windup robot, a Roman soldier (which makes me wonder who would win in a cage match, the Roman or the Aztec), and the others we recently highlighted in the linked post above. Series 6 comes out in January, with Series 7 to be released “sometime in 2012.” I’m betting late Spring.

Hat Tip – Brothers Brick

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