Star Trek joins the HeroClix universe

by James

Games … the final frontier. Star Trek is out to capture the world of gaming once again as WizKids/NECA announced a new Star Trek HeroClix line which will work perfectly with HeroClix rules, but exist outside a standalone game.

With more than 20 different StarFleet and Klingon ships to choose from, gamers can use standard rules, but it will differ from Modern and Golden Age tournament gameplay. Called the Tactics game, each will also use Powers and Abilities cards that a regular HeroClix game is played with. The Starter Kit comes with 4 different ships (two StarFleet, two Klingon), two theme dice, 1 HeroClix rules book, 1 powers and abilities card, and two maps.

The Star Trek Hero Clix game commemorates not only the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, but also the 10th anniversary of WizKids HeroClix games. Since it’s founding in 1991, Hero Clix has featured numerous pop-culture lines including Marvel and DC universes. Starting this year, Wizkids started expanding the Hero Clix line with “Street Fighter”, “Lord of the Rings” (releases November 15th), “Gears of War 3, ” and most recently “Halo.” Each O gauge Hero Clix figure has both an Attack and Defense Value, Speed and range capability, Damage point values, and a rarity rating for collection and trading. During battle, the values as changed by turning the clicking wheel at the base of the figure.

The Star Trek Hero Clix line will launch in February, 2012.

Hat Tip – AFI

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