10 Last minute Christmas gifts …

by James

So you’re the cool Uncle or Aunt of the family and you’re heading over to see the kiddies on Christmas eve. And you realize that you forgot to shopping! With the Holidays closing in and stores about to close out, here’s some last minute toy gifts you can pick up to play Santa for the kiddies …

For Girls:

1. Barbie – let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with Barbie. At 50 years old, she’s still hot and fashionable and with the new I Can Be a Computer Engineer Barbie, she’s putting forth a great message that girls can be anything they want.

2. Bizu Style Studio – With Bizu Studio, girls can make their own jewelry and accessories. Comes complete with beads, Beading Tool, 4 Character Templates and 2 Key-Chain/Backpack Attachments.

3. Fur Real Friends Electronic Pets - Nothing beats a puppy for Christmas. And with the realistic fur and interactive nature of the Fur Real Friends, kids can have that special friend without parents worrying over potty training! When you talk to her, she responds with a puppy babble. Give her a bone, she makes crunching sounds like she’s chewing it. And pet her back and she barks and wags her tail.

4. WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series – with Paper Jamz Pro Mic series, kids can live the rock star fantasy of their favorite stars. Features 2 built-in songs, auto mode that adjusts effects on the fly, Perfect pitch to keep you in tune, auto harmony sound, and a Chorus Multiply mode

5. Gift cards – When in doubt, the all purpose gift is a gift card. And if you give an iTunes gift card, you’re turning your coolness factor up to 11.

For Boys –

1. NERF – It’s NERF, or Nothin’. That’s the slogan and it’s true. Boys love the Nerf NStrike toys and the new disc shaped Vortex line is a must have for the holidays. Greater range, cooler designs, and disc shaped darts. But if you don’t want to risk getting something they already have, you can always just get accessories like more ammo or the cool bandoliers (you can’t have enough clips), or don’t worry about it, you can always use a second gun!

2. Hot Wheels Video Racers – With a video camera built into it, the Hot Wheels Video Racer gives a driver’s eye view of all the action. And every kid has the fantasy of racing on a Hot Wheels track. So this is a must. Just make sure you bring a track if your Nephew doesn’t have one. Or if he does, more track is always welcome.

3. LEGO – There’s no way you can go wrong with a LEGO building set. Because one, kids can always use more bricks and b) with sites like Rebrickable, the more sets you have, the more sets you can build you don’t have! And if you’re kid is into a certain line – like Ninjago, Star Wars, or especially the new DC Super Heroes line, they’ll certainly think you’re the coolest Uncle or Aunt on the planet with a new set under the tree!

4. Video games – What kid doesn’t like video games? And with new titles like SkyRim, Portal 2, and Little Big Planet 2, there’s a great game for all ages.

5. Gift Cards – Why a gift card? Well, kids love to choose their own toys and they’re likely to get more cards from other family members. Adding to the talley means they can get larger gifts or multiples. And if you’re the Uncle who gives the card that gets them over the top on a huge gift, he’ll remember you for it!

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