How about a video from Santa to give the kids a push to be good til Christmas?

by James

It always happen this time of year … the kids start to get excited about Christmas, but being kids, they start getting unruly. Sometimes you just have to give them that extra dose of incentive to stay nice and not naughty. Well, Santa has your back, parents, with a free custom made video greeting to your kids from the Ripe Jolly ole Elf himself.

The website where you can craft a custom video greeting from the North Pole is at At the site, in just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized video from Santa Claus for your kids or other family members, and even adults. all you need to do is answer a few questions like notable events, trips, what age the kids are, boy or girl, what they specifically want for Christmas and what they’ve been asked to do during the year to be nice, that kind of thing. You can also give it more street cred by uploading a picture of the intended target and a few pictures from the last year. They will be included in the video as well. And this year, the elves will be working a special machine to help Santa decide whether or not you were good! It’s all very suspenseful and fun to watch. Not really thrilled about asking for birthday information, but you can always tell a harmless white lie to get by that one. Besides, Santa already knows anyway, right? He’ll appreciate your discretion to keep Junior’s personal info top secret.

Once you’re done giving Santa some details to include in the video, you give them your email (or Facebook login) and they will send you a notice when the video is done. And you can watch it online, or via mobile device with the Portable North Pole App for Android or iOS devices. And if you like it, you can choose to purchase an HD version of the video for about $6.99.

One thing though, the video is the same from name to name, so if you have multiple kids who are smart enough to notice, this may not be the video for you. Anyway, check it out, it can be a fun addition to the holiday season!

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