Survey shows Christmas may be more expensive for St. Nick

by James

According to a recent survey, it isn’t Barbie, Hot Wheels, LEGOs or even NERF that kids are asking Santa for this year … it’s iPAD.

Nielsen conducted the survey and they found that the number one “toy” that children aged 6 to 12 want for Christmas is the iPad 2. Kids 13 and up also asked for an iPad. All told, a whopping 44% are asking Jolly Ole St. Nick for Apple’s miracle tablet. But they’re electronic tastes also extend to other technology …

Thirty percent of children want an iPod Touch, 27% want an iPhone (that’s 101% if you’re paying attention – Cupertino), then followed a computer, an Android tablet, Nintendo 3DS, Kinect for Xbox 360, Nintendo DS/DSi/DS Lite, Playstation 3, television set, and Android smartphone (non iPhone). At the end of the tike tech list, came a Blu-ray player. And the same tech obsessions don’t abate as a child gets into their teens.

All told, kids really want technology for Christmas. And that means games. It seems that kids have jetisoned the tired old vibe that imaginative play is the best thing for a kid. The heck with that. Who wants imaginative play when Call of Duty and Skyrim are out? Who wants to imagine G.I. Joe storming a machine gun nest when kids can lob a pair of Angry Birds overheard?

But there’s a slight disconnect as the economy seems to show that while kids are asking Santa for hi tech toys, it’s more likely that the ripe Jolly Ole Elf and Mrs. Claus either won’t be able to afford it, or will go deeper in debt to keep visions of sugar plums dancing in their kids heads.

Hat Tip – Sound and Vision Magazine

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