LEGO Collectibles Series VI now on sale

by James

The Brick Blogger is reporting that the LEGO Collectibles Series VI Minifigures are now on sale. The collectibles, which focus on mythology, history and SciFi, come in a white mystery bag this time around …

“Inspired by sci-fi, world history, mythology and everyday life, the LEGO minifigures collection continues with Series 6! Each unique and colorful character comes with special accessories, a display stand and a collector’s leaflet, and is packed inside a sealed “mystery” bag, so you never know which minifigure you’ll get. Collection includes: Roman Soldier, Highland Battler, Minotaur, Bandit, Classic Alien, Genie, Leprechaun, Intergalactic Girl, Butcher, Mechanic, Skater Girl, Surgeon, Sleepyhead, Clockwork Robot, Lady Liberty and Flamenco Dancer.”

Series 7 is right around the corner and will have the following: Punk Rocker, Aztec Warrior, Scottish Bag-Piper, Space Marine, Hippie, Black Knight, Little Red Riding Hood, Poseidon – god of the seas, Office Guy, Wedding Bride, Stunt Driver, Female Viking (cue Wagner, please). Tarzan Guy, Bunny-Suit Guy, Female Swimmer, and Tennis Player.

No word on when Series 7 is out yet, but for Series 6, if you’re looking to create a MiniFig movie on YouTube that pits scifi Little Green Men against a legion or Roman Centurions, now’s the time to get cracking on that minifigure code so you can collect enough Romans and Aliens to wage a cinematic battle!

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