LEGO Marvel coming just in time for my birthday …

by James

LEGO Magazine has a new ad out for the Marvel Universe line of LEGO toys, and guess what … they’re coming just in time for my birthday! W00t!

According to From Bricks to Bothans, an April launch is a bit puzzling because we haven’t really seen any images (save the ones we posted from ComiCon here) or sets leaked. But if you look at the minifigs they’ve got in the ad, they’re pulling out the big guns right off the bat: Wolverine (with new steel claws replacing the typical LEGO U shaped hand), Captain America, a very oversized Hulk (seriously, he’s at least twice as large as the typical minifig), and then Tony Stark, aka IronMan.

The line of Marvel Heroes is part of the LEGO Super Heroes line, which was launched this month with DC Heroes (actually, they went on sale a few weeks early for Christmas last month). The opening salvo included SuperMan, Green Lantern, and Batman, with sets including Superman vs. Lex Luthor Exoskeleton. They’re all really super cool and is a perfect edition to the LEGO line. I can’t wait until LEGO comes out with the LEGO Super Hero Video game, with the same tongue and cheek fun as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and the like!

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