NextGen XBox and Playstation consoles to go head to head at E3

by James

Looks like the stage is set for Microsoft and SONY to go head to head with their next generation versions of the XBox and the Playstation. According to PocketLint, third party software publishers have been given the heads up by Redmond that the XBox 720 will be launched at e3 in June and that Sony will not be caught with their pants down like they were when the XBox 360 was launched.

Both platforms are long overdue for an upgrade and there’s been plenty of talk about what the upgrades would look like. For the XBox 720, there’s talk that in addition to faster processors (rumored to be PowerPC-based processors from IBM) and RAM, that the 8th generation Microsoft console will also sport not only on-board DVR recording capability, as well as being able to record game play as it happens, but also the next generation ‘Kinect 2.0′ with “significantly upgraded motion control tech ” including the ability to lip read (ok, that’s kinda scary). By contrast, the buzz that that SONY is dedicated to not being left behind this time and is planning a console that is far more powerful than what Microsoft is planning.

And if the rumors are true – and let’s face it, often they aren’t – then not only will there be another gaming arms race, but both launch announcements at e3 are sure to steal the stage from Nintendo, which is planning a huge splash for their new Wii U gaming concept.

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