Hasbro’s Second Great Brick Giveaway underway

by James

If you’re a fan of Kre-o and the Transformers, then you’re going to love Hasbro’s 2nd Great Brick Giveaway, now running through the second week in April. Hasbro is giving away two Kre-o construction kits every hour until April 20th, for a total of 2000 free sets.

You have to register at the link above, and after you are free to play the Brick Giveaway game up to three times a day. So you can let it ride for three in a row, or you can cherry pick which hours you want to play. And the game couldn’t be easier. you simply click on the pile of bricks and if they build Bumblebee, you’ve won yourself a Kre-o Construction Kit from Transformers. Anything else is better luck next time.

If you previously created an account for the first Great Brick Giveaway last October — December 2011, you will need to create a new account to register for this game as well. But it’s free to play. No purchase is necessary. The game is for kids only, and U.S. residents, aged 6-18. Kids, you’ll need to also list your parent’s email address in order to play. And for a complete set of rules, you can go here.

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