Barbie gets the royal treatment

by James

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Mattel is releasing the Barbie Collector William and Catherine Royal Wedding Gift Set.

The set includes Prince William in a dapper Royal Red dress uniform signifying his rank as Colonel of the Irish Guards (he also carries the rank of Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, as well as the title of the Duke of Cambridge), while Duchess Catherine is resplendent in a full length wedding gown with lace torso, full skirt, wedding bouquet, silvery tiara, earrings and engagement ring.

The set will sell for $100 and is available through

OK, I’m going on the soap box here for a minute, but with the understanding that I get it that girls love the whole princess vibe. But come on. Didn’t we in the United States fight a nearly decade long war to tell members of the royal family we are no longer interested in their affairs or what they have to say about our affairs? I’m not being anti Britain or anything, I just don’t get this royal obsession. But it’s huge, especially since William is Diana’s little boy and the heir apparent to the throne. That, and the fact that this set is currently sold out is a clear indication that girls love to pretend they’re princesses, and proves I’m probably in limited company in that opinion.

Hat Tip – About Toys

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