ChalkTrail makes the world a kid’s Spirograph

by James

Remember the Spirograph? You stuck a pen in this cogwheel like device, spun it and you got all this pretty petal like designs. And you could switch out the colors and just go round and round in circles for hours. A kinda useless toy, considering, but it was a huge hit in the 60s/70s. But what if you could do that all around the neighborhood? Now that would be fun. Enter ChalkTrail, which turns your bike or scooter into the worlds best Spirograph, or even Etch-a-Sketch! Here’s how it works …

The plastic ChalkTrail arm is very easy for kids to attack to the back of a bike or scooter. There’s no need for tools or dad’s help, just slip it on the rear axel and then insert the giant piece of Chalk. Then start peddling! It uses street chalk that will wear down naturally since the ChalkTrail arm is free rocking. And the attachment arms fits bikes with wheel sizes of 12” up to 29.” And not only will it give kids hours of creative exercise, but parents trying to find their kids need only follow the chalktrail in order to find them!

The ChalkTrail is part of a Kickstarter toy project. Kickstarter is a fundraising arm which allows anyone with a great toy idea – or any idea for that matter – look to the Internet to raise the funds to bring it life. But frankly, I don’t think the creators should stop there. They should pitch this idea to the Walmart Get the the Shelf toy contest which will give the winners distribution access to Walmart stores worldwide!

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