Great Scott! LEGO may go BACK TO THE FUTURE

by James

“SWEET!” That was my son’s response when I told him that LEGO is thinking about releasing an official line of Back to the Future build sets. Now I wonder where they heard about that? :P

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. “Your future is whatever you make it.” – Doc Brown, Back to the Future III

OK, that may be a bit too much tooting of the proverbial horn, but we’ve been reporting for awhile now that LEGO should be looking at releasing a series with Marty, Doc and the gang. And with the film, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, celebrating it’s 35th anniversary, the timing is ripe for it.

Mattel is getting into it, having released a custom, collector’s version of Marty’s alternate 1985 Hover Board. And then there’s a very popular LEGO CUUSOO submission by Brick fan “Sakuretsu,” who’s covered his bases with a trio of Deloreans:

- The DeLorean Time Machine, featuring Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Alternate costumes for 1955 & 1985 for both (BTTF1: 1985 to 1955)
- The DeLorean Time Machine with Hover Modification, Hoverboard, featuring Marty McFly (Impersonating his future son) and Future Doc Brown (BTTF2: 1985 to 2015)
- The DeLorean Time Machine on Train Wheels (and White-walls) with Steam Train to push it, featuring Western Marty McFly (as Clint Eastwood) and Sniper-Rifle toting Doc Brown (BTTF3: 1955 to 1885)

And it’s very popular as well, having garnered the required 10,000 votes in about 9 months. And that means it goes to the next level, with LEGO deciding if they’ll release sets based on the pitch. Here’s hoping so. And I’d also like to see a Hill Valley set and a set including Doc’s Time Traveling Train. Great Scott that would be heavy.

Hat Tip – D’Vice

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