Coming Soon to a theater near you … LEGO?

by James

That’s right, LEGO is the latest hot Hollywood property (known as the flavor of the month in industry speak). With the success of Transformers, everyone is looking to turn toys into movies (although I wouldn’t say that Battleship is going to help the cause any). But now Hollywood is looking to the Brick for it’s latest inspiration …

The first studio to express interest in a LEGO movie was Warner Brothers, coming in February of 2014. That makes sense considering the various DC and Harry Potter success with LEGO video games. But now, Universal Studios is looking to develop a series of films based on LEGO Hero Factory.

The script is being written by Michael Finch and Alex Litvak, who wrote “Predators,” and will tell the story of the beacon of strength and security throughout the universe … The Hero Factory.

But when a vast and hideous collection of villains and monsters break lose from their cells and flee to all corners of the galaxy, it’s up to the Hero’s of the Factory to capture them. But what the Hero’s don’t know is that the breakout was part of a greater plan by the evil Black Phantom, who uses the ruse to destroy the Factory’s Assembly Tower. With the mission managers immobilized by Black Phantom, Hero Factory locked down and all contact with the heroes cut off, it’s up to Rocka, a solitary hero to foil Black Phantom’s diabolical plans and save Hero Factory.

Sounds like a fun popcorn movie for kids and you can bet it’ll sell some toys to boot!

Hat Tip – SHH

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