Brick Arms Adds Weaponry to its Minifig Armory

by James

Are you looking to outfit your minifigs with some hard core weaponry for that stop motion Lego action film based on Call of Duty? Brick Arms has added some really cool new accessories to it’s armory of rifles, period handguns, and even some rocket launchers that can add some sweet detail to outfitting your minifigs..

Period pieces range from Winchester rifles from the wild west days to flintlock and World War II carbines. There’s a wide range of modern pieces as well including Soviet era rocket launchers, American Vietnam era grendade launchers, and the World War II Panzer Faust rocket weapon used by civilian soldiers during the invasion of Berlin. There’s just about any weapon you can think of, and they’re pretty darn cheap, starting at $1 a piece (although the hand held gatling gun will set you back $10 when all is said and done).

The collection of over 80 new mini firearms are made of injection molded ABS plastic that is identical to the plastic that LEGO uses for pieces you already own. That makes for continuity, ease of use and fitting into the iconic hands of your favorite minifigure. Additionally, the designs are precision designed using CAD software to have all the details available for greater realism.

All available this summer.

Check out for ordering.

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