LEGO Brain Bricks – smart toys for smart kids

by James

LEGO loves to move kids beyond just snapping bricks together. First there was LEGO MindStorms, which introduces kids to the world of Robotics, then there was LEGO Brick Builder, software that helps them to create their own unique MOCs, and now there’s Brain Bricks, which have wireless sensors built in that enable interactivity via an online game.

Brain Bricks can work online or via a smartphone or tablet computer and it creates a virtual version of the creation your kids have put together. This will enable them to interact with games and create your own game pieces that you can use with the BrainBricks Apps.

Currently, Brain Bricks is just a proof of concept, but it is in heavy development and will likely hit the stores later this year or next. It’s really cool, we think, because kids will be able to create some serious MOCs and then share them virtually, and then there’s the possibility that some bright game developer will give brick fans the ability to create characters, backgrounds, cars, anything they really want and then interact with them online. And since the BrainBricks will have specific data transmitting online, there’s a great possibility of creating and shipping custom built LEGO sets. Brilliant for CUUSSO.

Hat Tip – Pocket Lint

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