Real life Hot Wheels stunt coming to XGames

by James

Hot Wheel tracks defy gravity sometimes. Loop the loops, hairpin turns, ang power units that fling those tiny cars around at Johnny Lightning speeds. They can get away with it because the cars are so small. But what would happen if they were life size? That’s what a pair of stunt drivers are planning to find out, live on network television during the X-Games. Fitting!

The insane world record double vertical loop attempt will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC during the 2012 X-Games in Los Angeles this Saturday, June 30, 2012 at around 11:00 am PT. If you miss it, fans can also watch the replay of the Double Loop Dare on the Hot Wheels® Facebook page, and YouTube channel. And you can follow the stunt live via #DoubleLoop on Twitter.

The drivers are part of Team Hot Wheels™, a life size racing team which takes real world cars that have been fitted to look like Hot Wheels and uses them in various driving stunts to promote the toy brand.

They will be taking their 3,000 pound cars on a specially built, life size Hot Wheels™ track that separates into 60 foot tall twin loops. The cars will really need to be going quite a clip (over 50mph) as the drivers will have to endure 7Gs in force just to keep the cars to the track and not plummet to the ground below.

If they make it, they’ll celebrate a new world’s record and will likely garner the respect of extreme athletes in attendance. If they don’t … well, the Double Loop Dare set will probably go on clearance.


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