Bandai celebrates Twenty Years of Power with ComiCon Exclusive Set

by James

Power Rangers fans rejoice! ComiCon is now in full swing and Bandai is offering a 20th anniversary Super Samauri Comicon Exclusive Set. It’s morphin’ time!

This highly collectible action figure set features all six of the Rangers from the 18th Power Rangers team, Power Rangers Samurai. The Rangers are in Super Samurai mode and are standing at control consoles in MegaZord configuration (each “zord” is a giant mechanical robot that is piloted by each Power Ranger, put them all togerther to for one giant Zord and you have the MegaZord).

The Rangers come with console, MegaBlade (which doubles as the joystick for the Zord control) and Super Samurai battle gear. The Rangers are panted in full metalic paint decoration and commemorative foil packaging. It looks pretty slick.

Product Includes:

- All 6 Super Samurai Power Rangers with full metallic paint deco
- Mega Blade and Black Box combined accessory with full paint
- 6 Megazord Cockpit Stands – each hold the battle gear accessory
- Commemorative foil packaging with description on back of this unique Power Ranger team
- Price to be revealed at the convention

Note the last part though … price to be revealed at the convention. That bites. That means that Bandai is going to gauge the demand and jack up the price as needed. And with only 300 available for ComiCon, they’re not going to be cheap, you can be sure of that. But if your credit card is just burning a hole in your pocket, they’l be available for purchase during the Convention at Booth # 5136. While supplies last, and small quantities will be rationed for each day (you do the math).

Hat Tip – TNI

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