Parents! Host a LEGO Duplo Read and Build Party!

by James

If you’ve got a little one you want to teach reading to, and they happen to love LEGOs, then why not mash the two together and hold a LEGO Read and Build House Party? Sounds like a hoot.

You can sign up at and if approved, they will send you everything you need to hold a fun preschooler event wrapped around LEGO Duplos. The Read and Build Party Pack includes:

* LEGO DUPLO Read & Build Busy Farm sets
* LEGO DUPLO poster
* Magnetic picture frames
* Sticker sheets
* LEGO DUPLO plates
* LEGO DUPLO napkins

And more!

You’ll also get invitations and everything you need to invite your friends and their preschoolers for a day of play with a LEGO DUPLO. Then, all you need to do is take plenty of pictures of your kids playing with LEGO DUPLO bricks, while you read to them a related story from the LEGO Duplo Farm series. From the BUSY FARM, to LET’S GO! VROOM! and GROW CATERPILLAR GROW, the stories and sets will spur cooperative play for both Mom and child.

Toys are yours to keep and you’ll have a great time while your kids make the connection between the toys they’re building the stories you’re telling! Apply to be a host and get tips on how to host a great party at

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