Superman Gets New Powers, Becomes Stretch Armstrong

by James

I’m sure the producers of The Man of Steele wasn’t thrilled when toy commercials were leaked on YouTube today that hinted at spoilers for their upcoming blockbuster about … you know who. But there they are … pitching new toys for the holidays, and giving a peak at what may be the storyline. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The commercials come from Mattel, and highlight two new toys called Superman Exploderz and Superman Flight Speeders. They look kinda fun and the commercials almost have a 70s vibe to them, which I like. But they also hint that the main villain of the Man of Steel is the return of General Zod, who has plans to destroy earth with a deadly gavity beam (sadly, Zod won’t be aptly played by Terrance Stamp, as it was in Superman II). There’s also talk about a robot army that Zod brings to the party to invade and keep the Man of Steel busy.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a big deal. It doesn’t give away any more information than a very good trailer would have. In fact, I think the more worrisome development is that with Superman Exploderz Clark Kent as become Stretch Armstrong! I mean, really?! That’s the best you can do?

And then there’s the Superman Flight Speeders. What, a super hero that can fly around the world backwards to reverse time, or travel for 5 years to where Krypton once was now needs a plane to get around? Reminds me of when I was working at Warner Brothers TV Animation and WB demanded we write stories that have Superman wearing underwater and outspace bodysuits so they could sell more toys.

Our reply? “Starship? What does God need with a starship?”

Both toys will be available next year.

Hat Tip – Nerd Approved

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