After LucasFilm, Disney eyes Hasbro

by James

Wow, those Disney Dollars are really burning a hole in the pocket of Disney Chairman Robert A. Iger. First he spends four billion to get Lucasfilm, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Industrial Light and Magic, but now it looks like he has his sights set on buying Hasbro?

It kinda makes sense … sort of. Hasbro carries the lion’s share of toys from major movie tie-ins, including Star Wars and some Disney toys for Marvel and Toy Story. But Hasbro also has Paramount products like Star Trek and Transformers. So for Disney to scoop up Hasbro would make the Mouse House a major player in the toy industry, even beyond it’s vast Disney consumer products presence. Although, I always though that if Disney was going to buy a toy company, it would be LEGO, since they have Toy Story, Marvel Super Heroes, and of course, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Then again, it’s just a rumor. But a pretty delicious one. Hasbro has a vast reach and for Disney to control the toy company would represent a serious shift in the industry. And who figured that Hasbro would be ripe for the taking? However, one thing is for sure, with both Disney and Star Wars toys, Hasbro’s competitors will be tripping over themselves to scoop up competing merchandizing rights before Disney decides to buy … well, everything!

Hat Tip – That Figures

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