Gifts for Teens 2012

by James

With Holiday season upon us, it’s time to take a look at the popular gifts that kids want this Christmas. And we normally start at the babies and work our way to the teens, but we’re going the other way this time and starting with the hot gifts that teens are looking at this year.

Naturally, the big gifts for teens begins with tablets. According to a recent study, tablets were the top things that kids wanted for Christmas, and that means iPads. And while there’s essentially two styles – 9.8 inch and 7.85 inch models, frankly I think that the iPad mini is both too expensive at $329, and underpowered as they are essentially iPad 2s in a smaller case. Had Apple opted for a smaller iPad with a retina boost, I could see spending the cash. But the Google Nexus 7, at $199, has greater resolution and is just as powerful. So unless you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, I’d say there’s better options out there for less money. Otherwise, go with the iPad (4) full size. It’s a little more, but you get more bang for your buck.

Games. Kids are heavily into gaming, whether male or female. My boy Cody wants anything affiliated with Call of Duty, Black Ops II. And there’s plenty of accessories including dog tags, camo game controllers, and add ons like the Elite Forces Assault Rifle for the Playstation 3 by CTA Digital. It’s an assault rifle controller which works with Playstation Move for greater realism. Another good one is Assassins Creed III, which takes place during the American Revolutionary War, so they may learn something as well, other than killing, that is.

Girls, by contrast are still girls and this year they want iPod Touch mp3 players and jewelry. Isn’t that true like any other year when you’re a teenager living in the digital age? A few iTunes gift cards, whether a boy or a girl won’t go unused either.

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