LEGO Collectible Series 9 Revealed

by James

I’ll never understand why toy companies launch a toy in January, missing the biggest toy buying opportunity on the planet. But that’s the case with what would be the perfect stocking stuffers for any LEGO fan …. LEGO Collectible Series 9 will be here in January 2013. Let’s break it down …

Set number 71000, otherwise known as Series 9, will include a waiter (with tray and bottle), a Cyclops, a Hollywood Starlet (holding the LEGO variant of old Oscar himself – BONUS!), a Heroic Knight with sword and shield, Roman Emperor with proclaimation of “I came, I saw, I conquered” (Wini, Vidi, Vici), Policeman with cuffs and badge ID, a guy in a chicken suit (one of my favorites), Roller Derby Girl, Fortune Teller, a Judge (with white wig and gavel), Alien Avenger (with armor and blaster), Mermaid, Battle Mech (spacey robot like figure), Mr. Good and Evil (Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for those who don’t care about copyright), Forest Maiden (look out Merida), Plumber (butt crack not included)/

If you buy them in a box, you may end up with what Eurobricks received:

2 Waiters
6 Cyclops(s)
2 Hollywood Starlets
6 Heroic Knights
4 Roman Emperors
6 Policemen
4 Chicken Suit Guys
2 Roller Derby Girls
2 Fortune Tellers
4 Judges
6 Alien Avengers
4 Mermaids
4 Battle Mechs
4 Mr Good and Evil(s)
2 Forest Maidens
2 Plumbers

That’ll give you two full sets plus extras.

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