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Toys R Us luring moms with July Christmas sale

by James

It's Christmas in July for TrUs Geoffrey

It's Christmas in July for TrUs Geoffrey

You know you have a hiding place for all those Christmas toys. And Toys R Us knows it to. And with a flagging economy and hot summer months, there’s nothing more perfect than a Christmas sale in July!

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2008 Most popular toys

by James


Looking back over 2008, we see several cases of toys that capturing our imaginations, and our pocketbooks. They had names like Lego (usually followed by “Star Wars” or “Batman,” and names you may not be able to pronounce, much less play. Here’s the list of this year’s hottest toys for 2008:

Leading the pack is Bakugan Battle Brawlers. A very interesting idea. Think of it as YuGiOh meets marbles. You take these special spheres and roll them towards a thin, metallic battle card. When it rolls onto it, the sphere opens to reveal a monster ready for attack. And that’s as far as I can get in even coming close to understanding it. But kids are eating it up like a starving pet called to dinner. Cost for starter pack is around $15.00. Ages 5 and up.

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Hasbro $10 Deals

by James

Hasbro $10 deals

With the economy as it is, every little bit helps. So if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a gift for that little nephew or niece, or even wanting to get that Toy for Tot, check out Hasbro’s $10 Deals. There’s a new one every day.


Today’s … the IDog!

Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set

by James


As I kid, I was in hog heaven after getting a Johnny Lightning Hot Wheels race set for Christmas. The next year, it was Sizzlers that Santa choice to reward a year of good behavior with. I miss those Hot Wheels tracks. They gave me hours of racing fun. And in celebration of Hot Wheels fortieth anniversary, and the release of the blockbuster flop Speed Race, Mattel has done it again with the Hot Wheels Speed Racer Sky Jump Track Set. I’m betting it sells at the toy store better than tickets at the box office.

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Parenting.com rates best toys for 2008

by James


Parenting’s list of the top 25 best toys for 2008 is now out and broken down according to ages. The list is very diverse and offers some interesting choices for parents looking for constructive toys to give their kids this holiday season.
For rugrats, parents can look for the Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse. More like a easy up than playhouse, the Yookidoo offers numerous activities to stimulate the interest of toddlers up to a year and a half: shape sorting, spinning beads, and peekaboo games. And it’s decorated to look more like a fun monster than house. But at around $100, it’s a tad overpriced, I think.

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With Glow Station, Crayola lightens up

by James

glow station

Crayola is moving into more lighter spectrums with the new Glow Station. The basic idea is to paint using light. Using a special light wand pen, young artists can create luminous freehand drawings or patterned stencil scenes on a specially designed “glow light canvas”. The Crystal attachment can also make starbursts. Over time, the images will dissipate and dissolve, leaving room for another creation.

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Toys R Us Hot Holiday Toys – 12+

by James


Moving into the upper limits of the tween-teen crowd, the hot holiday toys that Toys R Us is banking on the fact that today’s teens want to either play games or get their groove on. And included in this list of hot holiday toys, you can bet that the 8GB Apple iPod Nano is a heavy hitter. The new Chromatic Nano has an accelerometer built in which not only allows shuffling between songs with a “shake,” but also allows to move to the wide screen when watching video. And at 8GB, it’ll hold every song your kid wants to pira … er … buy. Cost is around $200, or, get the fat Nano for about $130.

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Toys R Us Hot Holiday Toys – 8-11, pt. 2

by James


Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master – This accessory belt is exclusive to Toys R Us and is designed to house the latest kids game to sweep the country – Bakugan battle brawlers. These are spheres which pop open to reveal monsters which have attack and damage points. Think of it as a 3d version of YuGiOh or Pokemon. The Action Kit Belt is designed to designed to hold “Bakuclips” which house the Bakugan spheres and cards. Includes 2 Bakugan and 4 cards. At $16, don’t try and understand it, just get it for your kid.

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Hot Holiday Toys – 8-11 year olds

by James


Catching our Elementary school stride, we move up to 3-5th graders and what they’ll want from Jolly Ole St. Nick come December 25th. And the phrase of the season will be “High Tech.” And nothing says high tech toy like the EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles from Jakks Pacific. Pioneered in the 70s, era night vision technology amplifies available light and boosts it even in total darkness. These goggles provide clear visibility up to 50 feet in pitch dark environments up to 50′. Boys will love this and it’s not bad for a $70 pricetag.

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Hot Holiday Toys Part VII – 5-7 year olds, again

by James


More fun toys for your elementary child are both not only hi-tech, but also let them imagine being in the spotlight. Witness the Disney Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House from Play Along. Young girls can live the “best of both worlds” with this scale replica of Hannah’s beach house in the hit Disney series “Hannah Montana.” The replica playhouse includes 6 different play areas: bedroom, kitchen, living room, closet, upstairs balcony & porch and over 75 accessories and stickers to decorate like Hannah’s famous leg table and the swing. Beach house also comes with an exclusive Hannah Doll from Toys R Us. Cost – $170 (OUCH!)

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