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Hot Holiday Toys Part VI – 5-7 year olds

by James

Once kids get into elementary school, they begin to acquire a wide variety of skills and interests. And that leads to both high tech and music driven toys (and a lot of Disney products!). Toys R Us, is seeing the trend and is betting on these hot holiday offerings:


30-inch Designer Series Acoustic Guitars from First Act Discovery* – it’s a fact that when it comes to music, the younger you can get your kid interested in playing a musical instrument, the better. You gotta get them young. And kids who play music are more adept in math, languages, and science. So, the 30-inch Designer Series Acoustic Guitars from First Act Discovery make a great gift to get them interested. Made of sturdy construction, these guitars are designed for little fingers and hands. And the patented string post covers protect little fingers, and exclusive Learn-a-Chord cards and First Act Guitar Guide get young players off on the right foot. And at $40, it’s not only cheaper than Guitar Hero, it teaches them to really BE one.

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Part V – Toys R Us Hot Toys: Preschoolers

by James


Getting old school with toys is a refreshing idea that Jeffrey is banking on with the Natural Wood Alphabet Blocks Wagon. Made of natural wood, these blocks are sure to last several lifetimes. Meaning that you’re not only giving your child a gift, but his/her child as well. The great part is that they’re crafted from replenishable materials that is chemical-free and eco-friendly. Perfect for giving your preschooler a leg up in learning and a steal at $20.

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Part IV: TRU’s Hot Holiday toys for preschoolers

by James

Radio Flyer Scooter

Preschool kids are sure to go for the “Classic Lights and Sounds Trike” from Radio Flyer, which will give them a slightly grown up retro sense of freedom. It comes with It has blinking turn signals, plays music and has a horn that really honks! There’s room for storage under the seat, and non-slip wheels for easy pedaling. Cost is $60 and with it’s sturdy steel frame construction, you can bet your grandchild will enjoy a spin on it to boot.

Spike dino

Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur from Fisher-Price
– It’s Spike, the Ultra Dinosaur. And Toys R Us is betting kids will love it. And what’s not to love of this Jurassic r/c toy? It’s big, it roars, it walks. With the easy-to-use remote control, kids can make him stand on his hind legs, walk forward and turn right and left, open his mouth, and lie down. He also blinks his eyes, and his spikes light up. Spike makes lots of fun sounds, too. He growls, snorts, and roars, and he even plays dino-music. Cost is about $130, which is a tad pricey if the kid doesn’t get dino-obsessed.

Sweet as Baby

Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Knows Dolls from Mattel
– at about this age, little girls are getting into the dolls and the Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Knows Dolls from Mattel is the ideal playmate for your little girl. Completely interactive, Sweet As Me Baby plays guessing games when girls put her hands to her eyes, she recites her ABCs, play games, name her toes, tummy, mouth, ears and can speak in Spanish.

TRU’s Holiday grabs, part III: for preschoolers

by James

This segment of our Toys R Us hot holiday toy list looks at toys for kids aged 2-4 years. They are filled with classics, go hitech, and look to give kids a lot of fun on Christmas morning. Let’s take a look:


It wouldn’t be a holiday season without girls getting Barbies from Jolly Ole St. Nick. And Toys R Us is betting that the “Barbie & The Diamond Castle Princess Liana and Princess Alexa Dolls” from Mattel will be the hot ticket. Barbie becomes Princess Liana (sold separately) and with her best friend Princess Alexa, go on a journey to discover music, magic and the power of friendship. The Princess Alexa Doll sings two songs from the Barbie & The Diamond Castle movie and wears a glittery gown which magically transforms with the pull of her pretty purple ribbon. Cost is about $25. (free shipping on orders of $50 or more)

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by James


Continuing on with our series on Toys R Us Best Bets for hot toys this holiday season, we continue up to year two to see what toddler’s will be playing with come Christmas morning. And first up is this fun 50′s Diner from Step 2. – No doubt this playset will remind parents more of Arnold’s from the TV show “Happy Days” than the actual 50′s, but it still looks way too much fun. The 50s Diner from Step 2 is part kitchen, part greasy spoon booth – complete with bench seating, table, and even a Rockola style juke box that plays three 50s style tunes.


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