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BigJigs indoor croquet set

by James

I love to play croquet. It’s not only because it makes you feel “hoity toity,” and civilized, but because it’s very social. You have that fun of wacking your friends balls in the weeds, engage in trash talk, and navigate the perilous terrain in golf like fashion. But face it, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. That’s where BigJigs Jungle Carpet Croquet set comes in handy.

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NERF brings back lazer tag

by James

Remember the classic 80s Lazer tag game? It was all the rage once the toy industry figured they could make an extremely low powered lazer which could allow players to wage combat in an indoor arena and keep track of their hits digitally. It was a great game that led to even the US Army employing lasers for training. Now, NERF is bringing back lazer tag thanks to advancements in Augmented Reality and a little device called the iPhone.

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My son needs this swoop storage mat

by James

Looking in my son’s room, you’d swear it was one of those ball pits at Chuck E Cheese, only instead of multi colored plastic balls, there’s just about every LEGO he has. My son loves to play LEGOs, but he doesn’t love to pick them up and put them away. That’s where this swoop storage mat would come in REAL handy.
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Family creates 2,000 foot Hot Wheel race track to raise money

by James

Gabe is a cute little kid who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. His father, who has created a foundation called to raise money for his treatment. Well, a good friend decided on a unique way to try and help by creating a cool video called “Mother of all Hot Wheels Tracks.” The idea is to create a catchy video to not only create awareness of Gabe’s plight but also to raise funds for MDA. It’s a worthy cause. On it’s face, it looks incredibly cool. About 2,000 foot of Hot Wheel track running a slick racer all over, under and around his house without stopping? Check out the video after the jump to see it in action …

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WowWee joins the toys arms race

by James

Creators of the the Paper Jamz guitars, drum sets, and microphones have gotten into the toy arms race by releasing the Light Strike Assault Striker line of toys. The Assault rifles and guns use low power laser light, instead of foam darts or paper bullets for game play.

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