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Scalextric ‘s new slot car sets are awesome

by James

I still have fond memories of playing with slot cars as a kid. My brother and I even bought a set for my dad for Christmas one year. They’re the passion of people slightly older than me. But after Hot Wheels came out with Sizzler’s, I dove into them and never looked back. I wish I still had my slot car set, but if I did, I’d probably toss it in the trash for the new sets coming out by Scalextric.

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Building a flying Delorean toy

by James

One of things I love about this time in our world is that people who are tired of waiting for the toys they want, are taking off the shelf technology and simply making them. Check out this flying Delorean R/C car … all that’s missing is the Flux Capacitor and a speed limit of 88 MPH.

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This inflatible R2 may be the droid your looking for

by James

OK, I know, that line has got to be the most over used line in the blogosphere when it comes to reporting about Star Wars Droid Toys. But check this cool inflatable R2D2 out. Not only is it a fun inflatible toy, but it’s also an R/C droid. Not bad for this plucky little droid toy …

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Check out this super fast slot car racer track

by James

I know what you’re thinking … there goes James, showing his age talking about slot car racing again! Well, I can’t help it. Slot cars were HUGE when I was a kid. We gave my dad a slot car racing set for his last Christmas, and he just smiled because he knew it wasn’t really for him, it was for us. But he didn’t care as long as we did things together. So why am I waxing nostalgic about slot cars again? Because if you have a Delorean Slot car racing on the track to the right, there’s a good chance you can go back to time … they’re that fast.

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If any toy defines coolest, it’s THIS ONE … or does it?

by James

OK, we’ll probably not see these for quite some time, if ever, but a research firm dubiously referred to as the “Japan Institute of Technology,” has created a levitating technology toy racetrack that uses liquid nitrogen powered Hot Wheels style cars to float around a Wipeout style car race track. And if it doesn’t make you say I WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS, I don’t think anything will. Too bad it’s probably not real.

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Toys for Tots needs your help …

by James

The Marines have been collecting Toys for Tots since 1947. Semper Fi!

Just a reminder that the US Marine Corps Reserve is in full swing with their annual Toys for Tots drive. Created in 1947 by Marine Corps Major Bill Hendricks and a cadre of reservists in Los Angeles, Toys for Toys collected and distributed 5,000 toys for needy kids. Since then, the United States Marines across the nation and around the world have been collecting unwrapped toys worth at least $10 to distribute to needy kids at Christmas time. In the beginning, he Marines collected both new and used toys, but beginning with the Christmas in 1980, they have only collected new, unwrapped toys for distribution. And with time, the Marines courted famous names to further their cause, even Walt Disney has the honor of being the designer of the Toys for Tots train logo. But also big names like John Wayne, Doris Day, Tim Allen, and even former First Lady Nancy Reagan have devoted considerable time and clout to helping the Marines accomplish their mission of giving every needy child a toy for Christmas.

And it’s grown far beyond and extra curricular activity for off duty Marines. In 1995, the Secretary of Defense approved making the annual Toys for Tots drive an official mission of the Marine Corps Reserve. Over the last 62 years, the US Marine Corps Reserve have distributed over 400 million toys to more than 188 million needy children and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation has added to the toy collections by purchasing nearly a half billion dollars in toys to insure that no child gets left behind at Christmas.

And this year, as with any year, the campaign needs your help. You know the mission – pick up an unwrapped toy for a boy or girl and look for one of those dashing jarheads sitting next to a collection box near the entrance to the store. Or, you can Swing by http://www.toysfortots.org/ to make a cash donation to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation. While at the site, you can find more information on a toy collecting center in your area.

Semper Fi and Merry Christmas!

Coolest paper airplane EVER!

by James

Check out this video of a radio controlled paper airplane! That’s right, I said radio controlled PAPER AIRPLANE! It’s used to advertise the International DogFighters Association – an “unorganized, undisciplined rabble who dogfight radio controlled, model aircraft!”

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RC F16 Jet with first person remote viewing better than flight sims?

by James

OK, this may be a bit old, but this genius of an R/C nut took a camera with a fisheye lens, married it to a servo and then installed the entire thing, along with a wireless real time video transmitter, into an R/C F16 fighter jet. The result is a first person flight experience that may be better than flight sims.

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Blade mCP X helicopters RECALLED …

by James


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has joined forces with Health Canada and issued a product recall on Blade mCP X helicopters and blades for potential laceration injury. Around 17,000 helicopters, made by Horizon Hobby, Inc, have been recalled due to the potential of the blades fragmenting and causing lacerations to bystanders upon impact.

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R/C Super Hero takes flight …

by James


Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s R/C SuperHero! How’s this for a cool toy? The R/C superhero is a 1 to 1 scale model of a flying superhero. And if any toy screamed to have merchandising rights on it, it’s this baby. Especially with Green Lantern coming out, Iron Man being a major league movie series, and a new version of the Man of Steel on the horizon!

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