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Banzai Inflatable Pool Slides get recalled

by James

With summer right around the calendar corner, the weather is getting predictably warmer. And that usually leads us outside and in the water to stay cool. That when “Slip n Slide” re enters our vocabulary, right up there with public pool and recreational swim. And it’s also when parents begin shopping for inflatable pool slides and toys to keep their kids entertained and their minds off the summer heat. However, it’s a good idea to avoid or flat out return Banzai Inflatable Pool Slides, as they’ve been recalled for being flat out too darn dangerous.

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Big Movers Toy Recall

by James

One of the downsides of getting a free toy is that you get what you pay for. But when you get that free toy with the purchase of some school clothes, and it gets recalled, at least you know the clothes aren’t going to kill you. Not so much with the Big Movers Super Car Toy by Happy Shirts.

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Tumblekins get recalled

by James

You gotta appreciate a company that has a proactive recall policy. Although only one issue has been reported, it seems that toymaker International Playthings is taking no chances. It is recalling 31,000 Tumblekins Toys for a breaking hazard that could turn parts into sharp pieces that could cause kids suffer lacerations.

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Final round of Toy recalls for 2011

by James

To finish out 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a series of toy recalls which covers everything from choking hazards to flammability issues. Here’s a brief rundown …

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Toy recall for Build-A-Bear Swimsuit

by James

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t think that an accessory which your Build-A-Bear wears would have the potential for a recall, but as any parent can tell you, a small child will stick just about anything in their mouth or get their head stuck in it. Which is why the Consumer Product Safety Commission has worked with the stuffed toy retailer to recall nearly 20,000 Teddy Bear Swimwear Sets with Inflatable Inner Tubes. Here are the details …

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Another Disney toy suffers product recall

by James

et another Disney toy product is being recalled for safety issues. This time, it’s 12,000 Disney Fairies plastic racing tricycles, which have a handlebar which can handlebar pose a laceration hazard if a child falls from trike and lands on top of it.

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Recall: Ikea Folding Tent

by James

This folding tent from IKEA has been recalled

Ikea has issued a recall on this cubed folding tent. A total of 65,000 of these BUSA children’s folding tents (58,000 in the United States. 7,000 more tents are being recalled in Canada) are part of the recall and pertain to the foldable steel wire frame, which has been reported to break, causing sharp points to cut and stab young children.

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Little Tikes gets massive toy recall for the second time

by James

When I saw this story I thought … well duh! A recall has been issued for nearly 2 million Little Tikes Workshops and Tool Sets by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today. The recall revolves around oversized plastic toys nails in the set that can pose as a choking hazard for children. But what’s troubling is that this recall was issued once before for the same problem.

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More toy recalls announced

by James

Here are a pair of recalls parents should be made aware of …

The first is for a baby rattle made by Manhattan Toy. About 3,000 of the painted wood “Twirlla” rattles are being recalled due to reports that the u-shaped rattle can break apart and pose a significant choking risk to infants. As you can tell by the design, the rattle spins around a central axis and makes a rattling noise as each part bumps into the other. The recalled rattles were sold from March 2011 through July 2011 in baby and gift specialty stores, and online at The rattles should taken away from children immediately, and parents should contact the store purchased for a return and full refund. For additional information, contact Manhattan Group at (800) 541-1345 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at

The second recall after the jump …

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Radio Flyer issues recall …

by James

Little red wagon maker Radio Flyer has issued a recall on 165,000 Radio Flyer Scoot ‘n Zoom riding toys. The recall covers the ride-one toy for falling dangers which can occur due t it’s high center of gravity design.

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