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Use a toy gun, go to jail

by James

In Michigan, politicians are seeking to make it a criminal offense to use a toy gun. More specifically, to alter a toy gun in a manner that will make it look like the real thing. Is it a case of out of control government, or a wise idea?

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What a friend of mine just said on Facebook about Mattel and Barbie …

by James

Mattel should make a Barbie with no hair, so that every little girl that is fighting cancer feels beautiful!! Put her in pink, name her HOPE and send ALL the proceeds from sales to St. Jude’s. Post this if you agree!

And you know what? SHE’S RIGHT. Let’s get that trending …

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by James


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Before the Happy Meal Toy

by James

Why so serious, Ronald?

Why so serious, Ronald?

As you may have noticed, the Golden Arches has been catching a lot of heat lately over the tempting and high fat based meals they serve to kids who beg parents for them because of the toy that’s included.
Organizations like Center for Science in the Public Interest (aka the Food Nazi’s) have a hair up their collective arses over the fact that going to McDonalds is fun. They wants to sue the mega fast food chain claiming that the evil Ronald McDonald is using toys to lure kids in and is the equivalent to “the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children.” Oh puhlease.

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