Mobile Guitar Hero Game Debuts at NY ToyFair

Guitar Hero Mobile Caribeener

There’s plenty of reports about hitech Guitar Hero mobile applications and most are for the Nintendo DS lite or some other gadgetry. But what about a fun cheap interface that kids can play without worrying about having it ripped off or lost? One such report is of a Activision sanctioned Guitar Hero carabineer for those who want to play a game to while away the hours, while either on the road, in line, or just because your board. And with it, you can rock out anyway. Just don’t climb a mountain with it.

In the shape of a tiny guitar, the 7.75 inch long and 3 inch wide game can can hook on a backpack or belt loop until it’s shredding time. It has a tiny color LCD screen and even all give colored Guitar Hero buttons. It’s completely solid state and easy enough to use that kids of all ages can indulge in the rock god fantasy while learning the basics of playing music. The only thing missing is the roar of the crowds and the killer light show. Oh, and that grammy which Guitar Hero seriously deserves.

Fist of Rock not included.

Hat Tip: Crave via Yahoo

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